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Interview with Elva Guerra: “Reservation Dogs” Reveals the Two-Spirit Soul”

A rising star whose presence on screen is a kaleidoscope of personality and artistry, Elva Guerra, appears in the busy world of showbiz, where narratives can reverberate louder than truth. Elva is a shining example of representation, bringing the...

Militant Time 2100: Solving the Night Commander’s Mysteries

Upon reaching 2100 hours, the watch transforms into a distinct type of sentinel, adorned in the uniform of military accuracy. It is comparable to the passing of the baton in a relay race, in which day gives way to night as the latter spreads its...

Alaska Daily Cancelled: ABC Drama Highlights MMIW Emergencies

With the current state of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) in Alaska, ABC's decision to discontinue "Alaska Daily" was a startling echo of a terrible reality in a world where the screen frequently reflects reality. This audacious step...