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The video, in which a manager fires an employee for leaving eight minutes early, has gone viral on Reddit. Because of this, many people are irritated by the treatment of workers.

Some people even decided to call the main character Karen because of how she treated the hero. A subordinate secretly filmed his boss as he enthusiastically approached.

The workers who had grown weary of their manager’s attitude have been degraded by the viral video. At the present time, they have started posting comments on the web expressing their discontent. Webb Bridge Middle School is led by Susan Offerman. Online, she goes by the name “dreadful manager.”

After a video of her delivery went viral, she quickly became a divisive issue online. Before then, she had a reputation as the respected principal of the institution.

Susan is a seasoned educator who has taught at the middle school and elementary school levels before taking on the role of principal. She also won an award for “Assistant Principal of the Year” at Center School in 2011.

Liberty University granted her admission to their doctoral program in Educational Leadership. She had earned a master’s degree in education from UGA and was exploring careers in teaching.

She also has a four-year diploma in elementary education from the University of Florida. After the video, Susan is often referred to as “Karen,” and her agents are threatened. She has also contributed to the American workforce’s will to speak up for their rights.

Agents are on strike to demand better working conditions. This finally made the internet-wide video public. Although the public has less information about Susan, she has become a focal point for workers venting their dissatisfaction with their jobs.

There has been absolutely no news concerning the head in 2021. Her controversial video alone has been going viral. The video’s janitor, Jonathan Holley, caught the significant actor being angry on camera.

Due to his early shift end, he was asked to resign from his post. Holley is frustrated because he is always chosen last and treated rudely by the head. The video has gone viral on Reddit with over 5.7k comments and 101k focuses.

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